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Bring structure and predictability to a volatile business

If you’re in the business of producing asphalt, sand, stone, or gravel, you’re running an enterprise subject to daily volatility in supply and demand. With very little foresight into the upcoming material needs of your construction company customers, you’re constantly juggling production amounts, stockpiling excess material, and working to avoid dump truck traffic jams at your facilities.

TRUX provides the answer by delivering the industry’s first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics solution. This free, web-based platform is simple to use, requires no hardware, and works in harmony with your other business solutions.

TRUX gives you the power to get closer to your customers and synchronize your activities. You gain the ability to better estimate production needs, balance inventory and workloads among your facilities, optimize dump truck pickup schedules, and more.

There’s never been a better way to get closer to your customers – or your growth objectives.


Work with your customers like a well-tuned machine

If you’re lucky, you get more than 48 hours notice of an upcoming materials order. But more often than not, it’s much less. Get more than a couple of big, back-to- back orders and you’re hard-pressed to meet demand.

That lack of visibility into demand also affects truck traffic at your facilities. When multiple dump trucks show up around the same time without notice, it can create bottlenecks that slow order fulfillment and cause frustrating project delays.

TRUX reduces random, chaotic pickups by enabling you to combine materials purchasing with transportation. You can orchestrate pickups – even route trucks to different facilities – to reduce truck downtime and make your operations more efficient and productive.

You’ll like the impact on your customer relationships. You’ll be able to work more closely together, coordinating activities like the productive, mutually-beneficial team you were meant to be.


Optimize production at all your facilities

How would you like to increase production by 10 to 20% without any additional capital investment? You can with TRUX.

The problem is that today, you’re in a totally reactive business. You lack the visibility into demand that would enable you to balance supply and workload among your facilities.

TRUX gives you that visibility so you can manage capacity and demand better. By directing dump trucks to different facilities for pickup, you can increase the amount of material you sell – and make each facility more efficient.


Make better-informed decisions

Your business runs on information. The problem is that much of the data needed to run your business is still on paper. That’s paper you have to collect, track, and file manually. More importantly, the data captured on that paper is inaccessible for review, reporting, and analysis. As a result, you can’t get a complete picture of your business, its challenges, and opportunities. Worse yet, you lack the information needed to make important decisions about your operations, growth, and profitability.

TRUX gives you that vital business data – in real time – so you can stay on top of your daily operations better and make better-informed decisions.


New business opportunities are within your reach

With all the problems caused by the inefficiencies of the dump truck operations – inefficiencies beyond your control – it’s difficult for you to drive new business growth. Should you open a new facility? Where should facilities be optimally sited? How much new business can you attract if you expand geographically and enlarge current facilities?

When you start using TRUX, you can begin to answer those and other critical questions. TRUX captures all the relevant data about dump truck traffic and orders at your facilities. You can run analyses and generate reports to identify emerging trends and potential opportunities.

You can fuel new growth by:

  • Optimizing production at each facility to earn incremental revenue and profit
  • Balancing demand among multiple facilities to increase production
  • Planning better to support the material needs of bigger projects
  • Identifying high-growth regions where new facilities can be sited

TRUX gives you the means – and the confidence – to make it happen.


TRUX connects truckers, contractors and material producers throughout North America by offering complete dump truck management – including automated dispatching, driver tracking, notifications, paperless ticketing and driver payment, as well as deep insights into the dump truck ecosystem. Check out the videos below to learn more.

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